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Hi! I'm Marisa Goldstein. I am an adventure junkie, amateur photographer, part-time artist, full-time foodie, struggling plant mom, recent cat mom, slightly washed-up All American athlete, dark chocolate enthusiast, and above all, a voraciously curious thinker.

I created this website as an homage to the beauty I have seen across the world, in hopes to inspire more travel, but really, more connections. The best part about traveling is being able to create connections in unfamiliar places and appreciate the beauty of the world from different perspectives, or lenses if you will. My passion for photography and travel is fueled by my endless sense of adventure and challenge.


Don't ask my mom about that time I went sky diving, or bungee jumping (for the second time), or the time I adopted a cat on whim, or climbed to the top of a 3,000ft mountain by myself. Do check out my food instagram @Nashville_Eats.

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