it's my job to think.

I work as a strategist in New York City, where I fuse creativity, culture, and psychology to craft stories that help improve people's lives and tell brands' stories. In a world full of B.S., I like to think I'm seeking out the truth. 


My start in this big, weird (very weird) world of strategy began because of an itch to understand the psychology of emotional connection and consumption in a digital world. How do the ways we intrinsically think and interact, as humans and as consumers, play into the visual, social world that we connect to every day? That curiosity has led me down a long, winding road that started in PR, then social media strategy, corporate strategy, starting my own company, and finally to where I am now.


I'm currently working at Plan A, a federation of boutique creative agencies founded by MT Carney and Andrew Essex, at Untitled, the strategic agency in its network. Through my time at Plan A and in my previous experiences, I've worked alongside incredibly talented people on a wide variety of amazing brands.

Click below to learn more about some projects I've worked on. If you want some more insight into my most recent work (don't you love a good NDA?), shoot me an email or if you're in NYC, let's grab a coffee, virtually, obviously.

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