It's my job to think.


I fuse psychology, creativity, and culture to craft stories that help improve people's lives and shape brands' narratives. In a world full of B.S. I want to help brands find their truth.


I ended up in Strategy because I want to know why people do things, like things, interact with each other, and how brands are caught up in it all. That curiosity has led me down a long, winding road that started in PR, then social media strategy, corporate strategy, starting my own company, and finally to where I am now.


I'm currently working at Untitled Worldwide, a strategy-first agency that sits within Plan A, a federation of boutique creative agencies founded by MT Carney and Andrew Essex. In a small and nimble team, some days I'm a copywriter pouring out romanticized manifestos, others, an analyst digging through mountains of data and research, but mostly, I am a strategist.


See below to look at some projects I've worked on. If you want some more insight into my most recent work (I know you love a good NDA), shoot me an email, and let's grab a coffee, virtually, obviously.


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