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Redesign Health

/ From scratch to launch, building the strategic foundation for Proper Sleep to reinvent the sleep aid aisle. 


The sleep aisle is, well, very sleepy... current solutions are suboptimal and even dangerous, making for quick fixes that don't solve the bigger picture: the cycle of bad sleep. 


Redesign Health is a venture studio that builds consumer health businesses with a mission to elevate and modernize the patient/customer experience. They called on Plan A to lead an innovation project that would craft the strategic foundation for a brand and product to tackle the age old problem of bad sleep. Launched Summer 2020 Proper, a sleep therapy brand focused on a holistic approach to long-term sleep health is working to reinvent the long-overlooked sleep aid aisle.

If you'd like to hear more, send me an email, I'd love to talk.


Alongside Plan A's group strategy director, my role was to help identify areas of opportunity for new products, services, and experiences that this brand could own and innovate. Working from brand positioning to developing product SKU's and ingredients to helping the founders pitch the concept to retailers.



I. Cultural, competitive, industry, and consumer analyses

II. Audience segmentation and persona development

III. Consumer qualitative research; IDI's, surveys  

IV. Consumer quantitative research; conjoint testing, A&U study

V.  Structured + led client workshops

VI. Brand positioning

VII. Product development + digital experience strategy

VIII. Concept testing; google ad testing, remote focus groups

IX. Retailer pitch deck​

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