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/  Community management and planning for food and hospitality clients

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HSC, now BRND House, is a social media marketing and branding agency for clients in the food and hospitality industry. Hannah Schneider, the CEO, and I originally met through Nashville's food scene, having worked together through Nashville Eats for several of her clients.

Most restaurants came to HSC with low engagement, small followings, and no distinctive brand voice to set them apart in a growing food scene. We helped them find an engaging and distinct point of view, implement best practices and then execute on it consistently.

I led content planning, creative execution, and community management four main clients: The Bobby Hotel's main restaurant, Salt & Vine, L27 Lounge at the JW Marriot, and ML Rose.

My role


I.     Campaign/content management: craft social media editorial calendars and content production plans

II.    Produce, shoot, and edit photo and video content

III.   Copywrite for all social platforms

IV.  Drive engagement with over 35k followers on collective accounts

V.    Tracked analytics and created weekly reports to optimize post performance

VI.  Created brand mood boards and digital strategies to support brand launches

VII. Wrote editorial content and thought leadership pieces on marketing, social media, and industry trends

Bobby Hotel

L27 at the JW Marriot

Client Photography

L27 at the JW Marriot

Salt & Vine