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/ Strategic repositioning and go to market support for future product and market expansion


Harry’s skyrocketed to success after revolutionizing how men buy razors, but, no longer a start-up anymore, they needed an inspiring and distinct positioning to ground themselves as they grew beyond razors.


Harry’s is a brand built on value without compromise, thoughtful design, diligent formulations, and simplicity with integrity, but above all, born out of the undeniable respect Harry’s has for its customers. As we sat through 25 stakeholder meetings, including with founders Jeff and Andy, it was clear: Harry’s is truly in it for their guys. Taking this fact, diving into who that guy was, and developing a succinct positioning statement to capture its essence, we then pulled it through all touchpoints of both internal brand operations and a communications plan.

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Reporting directly to MT Carney, I led competitive audits and cultural analysis, helped conduct stakeholder interviews, analyzed qualitative data to build audience segmentations and target personas, and worked with the group strategy director to craft a brand positioning, brand architecture, customer journey, and communications architecture.


I.   Listening Lab: Stakeholder and Expert Interviews

II.  Competitive/Industry Analysis

III. Audience Segmentations / Target Development

IV. Brand Positioning

V.  Brand Architecture

VII. Customer Journey

VIII. Communications Architecture

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