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Griffin Farley's Beautiful Minds

*This strategy was chosen from 15 teams to compete as a finalist for BBH’s Griffin Farley’s Beautiful Minds held at Facebook HQ in New York City.


The Griffin Farley's Beautiful Minds program is a hybrid planning bootcamp and networking event. After the project briefing, participants are split into groups of four and have 24 hours to develop a strategic platform, communications plan, and roll-out plan for a client. Finalists present to a distinguished panel of industry leaders in front of department heads and recruiters from across the industry.


With only 24 hours to create a campaign with media executions, a communications plan, and rollout plan, we utilized Simmons data and behavioral healthcare research and tapped into social listening, cultural movements, and consumer attitudes.


The Get in Touch Foundation is a non-profit organization driven to empower women to conduct breast self-exams. Previously built around paper-based education tools, they've just launched The Daisy Wheel App that will allow them to break into a much larger space. We needed to get 500K downloads.



Today’s self-care culture has lost touch with the movement's origins: a proclamation towards establishing comprehensive physical, mental, and community health.



Millennial Women don’t view holistic, long-term health as a part of self-care.



Reclaim Self Care. The Get In Touch Foundation brings self-care back to its roots of comprehensive health and wellbeing. 



Feeling Myself. We wanted to integrate physical health into the modern definition of self-care, and by tapping into a cultural movement, we're signaling that self-breast examinations are a part of this.


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