/ Strategic development and consultation for a global brand re-stage.

*ongoing project

Artistry is a global beauty brand undergoing a massive relaunch in 2021. Untitled was hired as a strategic consultant to work side-by-side with a creative agency based out of Seoul, South Korea, and currently, with our own internal creative teams.


My role

As the strategic lead, I work directly with Plan A’s Managing Director, Sabrina Yu to ensure that a consistent, globally resonant, and differentiated positioning is told across creative development.


The details

I. Competitive/Industry Analysis: global beauty competitive social audit and model audit

II. Model Strategy

III. Social Brand Behavior + Content Strategy

IV. Brand/Product Creative Briefs

V. Continuous Strategic Consult

VI. Stimulus Pulling/Trend Pulse

VII. Structure + Lead Global Workshops

If you'd like to hear more, send me an email, I'd love to talk.

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